Vrinda Educational Academy LLP
STUDENT DIRECT SERVICE IS ACTIVE. We have NO ADMISSION CENTERS, NO STUDY CENTERS, NO BRANCHES, and NO FRANCHISEES anywhere in the country. Please report if anyone claims to be VIECCE representative. Our Official Phone Numbers are (9035894914 / 7019256447)
Foundation Teacher's Profile -
  •       Any kind of teacher engaged in the field of education for Play home, pre-primary or primary standards are considered as foundation teachers for obvious reasons.
  • Society, Parents, Teachers, and Children themselves play vital role in building the nation.
  • If all the above are connected, committed, and responsible towards their duties, then there is no one who can question this nation's authority of becoming Mentor of the Planet (Vishwa Guru status).
  • A teacher holds the prime responsibility of this task to upbringing her wards in the classroom, at home, and in the society.
  • Deciding to become a teacher is welcome, but living up to being called a Good Teacher is the toughest part of the whole scenario. Training these would-be teachers is the much more complex and sophisticated duty that VIECCE Teachers Training has taken up and functioning successfully since 2010.
  • Over 5000 teachers from over 50 centers across the country is the proof of this commitment we have towards the nation, it's Constitution, humanism, and nationalism.
  • Be assured, when you come to VIECCE, to get a conscious shift from a normal person to a special teacher, no matter what subject you choose to work on.
  • Jai Hind
  • K.A.Prabbu
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